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Nak duit cash dan berjimat bila shopping online? ♥

21/00/2017; 01.45 pm

(click this image!)

Assalamualaikum, hi everyone :) missing you guys! Siapa sini suka shopping online? Lazada? 11streets? Hermo? Althea? Booking hotel? Wow ramainya angkat tangan! No worries, because I have a profitable suggestion for you~ Pernah dengar SHOPBACK? (please, click on image above to visit  & sign up at Shopback website) I've been into this online shopping like early of this year, sebab dapat tahu tentang shopback ni (berhantu betul website ni hmmm).

One simple steps before start shopping which you need to have an account, so sign up dulu kay! click here. Then you'll see a list of brand (eg; fashionvalet, photobook, booking, taobao etc...) You click at one of the brands, akan terus pergi ke website yang korang nak! JUST MAKE SURE THAT YOU OPEN THE BRAND WEBSITE THROUGH SHOPBACK WEBSITE! if not, tak dapatlah cashback korang tu, rugi oiii! Each brand will give you a different discount percentage. Down here I'll guide you how to use shopback account :)

(what you need to know, and how to calculate the cashback)

Seronok wey! You better try first, sambil shopping dapat berjimat dan menabung hikhik ! AND! Shopback ada buat sale barang RM5 sahaja dari lazada! Antaranya penimbang berat, vacuum cleaner, pendrive 16GB dan lain-lain. Go and check them out HERE! As for example, you purchase digital scale at lazada for Rm19.90. you will get cashback Rm14.90 into your account, but not instantly masuk account tau. if you purchase them 1-30 september 2017, your cashback will be credit at most 31 october 2017. so sabar eh! Silakan pilih hikhik. For me, I bought pendrive 16GB for only rm5, and my sisters bought stainless steel food container & digital scale using their account respectively! ONE ACCOUNT CAN ONLY BUY ONE RM5 ITEM! If you buy more than one or you're not a new shopback customer don't expect to get cashback from shopback, huhuhuhu~

(what we bought last month hihihi pendrive tu tak penuhpenuh lagi dengan segala jenis movie, yasss!)

(as you can see, my total cashback from my previous purchase around Rm15, nanti nak withdraw lah! hikhik )

That's all yang I nak share with you guys for today. Any questions? See ya! Take care, jaga hati 

Shopping @Sgshop Malaysia ♥

03/09/2017; 12.30pm

(click on this picture to SGSHOP MALAYSIA )

Assalamualaikum hi :) I won Rm100 SGSHOP voucher previous giveaway, you can check em here (SGShop Malaysia 10xRM100 shopping credit giveaway by Iman Abdul Rahim ♥) so I did my shopping through SGSHOP website last month hihihi I did buy my wishlist items, which are daisy chain bag and several pieces of clothes ♥ Guess what I got 6 items for only Rm100, isn't it affordable? So way affordable for a person like me who love to shop many things and cost me only a little wehuu! Here my babies :')

There's two bags, two dresses and two cardigans ♥

I bought this bag for short trip (eg; to cousin's house). It can fit my several day clothes and my skin care stuff  ♥ I've been eyeing for this bag since last year but instashop sell them too expensive like RM50? Wow I can used that RM50 for my lunch and dinner hikhik. SGSHOP MALAYSIA only cost me about Rm9.11, can't you see that? You can thank me later, girls  :D

My huge love for this cutey, my DAISY CHAIN BAG ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ It can fit my purse, handphone and my balm (since I always a headache all the time, naik kereta pening, naik lif laju sikit pening, lapar pun pening, pheww) This cutey only cost me Rm40.41 wow, just wow! 

And this dresses, I bought a short sleeve and long sleeve each. Saje nak try, kalau best boleh beli lagi lain warna teheeee :D Have a guess the price, girls~ its only Rm16.10 for short sleeve and Rm17.05 for long sleeve, OMG I want to buy moreeeee!

I will share another entry on how to used SGSHOP MALAYSIA, trust me they are user-friendly ♥ Till then, take care, jaga hati ♥♥

Pelajar Ijazah Sarjana Muda (Degree) di UPM :)

11/08/2017; 12.35 pm

Assalamualaikum hi semua, left less than a month for you guys nak daftar degree dekat UPM kan? So here I share some important post from previous entry waktu jadi admin blog kolej 16, UPM (kenangan sangat bila taip cenggini hahahahah) yang penting kena credit diri sendiri dan farah liyana dan shaf sebab rajin juga update entry yang sangat bermanfaat untuk adikadik yang baru nak daftar!♥  (we know the curiosity level of adikadik semua, so no worries okay) 

1) Macam mana nak ke kolej serumpun (kolej 12, 14, 16), UPM?
              Klik --- > SINI < ---<--- nbsp="" p="">
(this entry credit to farah liyana for her effort siap lukis college plan guna paint software gigih tak gigih seorang farah ni, hihik the struggle is real )

2) Macam mana suasana orientasi kolej dan universiti untuk UPM?
              Klik --- >SINI < ---<--- nbsp="" p="">
(this entry credit to shaf for her amazing pictures dalam entry tu, tehee)

3) Ikrar angkat sumpah universiti, UPM?
             Klik --- > SINI  < ---<--- nbsp="" p="">
(this one, memang struggle betul sebab update this entry waktu cuti semester, and baju pula dekat stor kolej. So I decided to use my mom and daddy's clothes instead hahaha, good job dear self!)

4) Kolej Serumpun macam mana rupenye?
             Klik --- > SINI  <--- ---="" nbsp="" p="">

(ini beshe beshe je, my own entry so macam dah berkurun.)

Any questions berkaitan UPM? Boleh tanya kite hihihi saya sedia menjawab segala pertanyaan adikadik. That's all for today entry! See yaaa , Take care, jaga hati